Dr. Baker

Dr. Baker speaks uncoated truth, demonstrates unparalleled joy, and provokes unending change. She is on a mission to create a culture of vibrant, powerful, financially secure, morally upright people. The founder and president of More Than Enough Ministries, her mission is to take the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God Globally. She is known for her ability to confront limiting belief systems and adjust mindsets until they align with the truth of God’s Word. Driven to understand how Yeshua thought, Dr. Baker has become an ardent student of the Torah and is a passionate advocate to restore the celebration of the festivals of God to His people. Her study of Hebrew Culture gives her a unique perspective and has allowed her to uncover many principles of wealth and business and see a transformation of thought and practice.Her ministry is characterized by joy, laughter, humility, boldness, originality of speech, honesty, integrity, authority and tremendous prophetic insights into the Word of God. As Apostolic Leader of Astounding Love in San Jose, California and Brooklyn, New York, she and her team are dedicated to the complete destruction of fear, bondage, pride and prejudice. They are committed to awaken a hunger for righteousness and biblical holiness and believe that operating in biblical principles provides solutions for every problem known to mankind.Dr. Baker is a mothering spirit with several children of her own as well as many others she claims as her own along with a growing number of grandchildren. She resides in Northern California and always enjoys a good day on the golf course.